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Quick guide to the different types of jewelry armoires with mirror

We can classify mirror jewelry armoires into four different types: Free standing mirrored jewelry armoire, Cabinet mirrored jewelry armoire, Door mounted mirrored jewelry armoire , Wall mounted mirrored jewelry armoire. Let’s read below…

Free standing mirrored jewelry armoire

This guy features a mirror in the front and a armoire hidden behind. Looking at it from the front, one cannot say that there is a armoire attached to the mirror. The biggest advantage of having a jewelry armoire in this design is that the mirror can become your toilet mirror, so you won’t feel the pressure of getting a dressing table or armoire with a full-length mirror. Some independent mirror armoires come with a rotating function, which allows you to tilt the mirror to the desired angle. Customize the inclination to provide a single-sided reflection or to reflect the entire body.

Cabinet mirrored jewelry armoire

This design also takes the form of a armoire, but instead of having a full front mirror, fix the mirror to a part of the armoire, either on the sides or on the top. In addition to an open armoire, this armoire also has drawers and hooks to store your jewelry.

Wall mounted mirrored jewelry armoire

As the name implies, they admit this type of armoire with a mirror against the wall. When you have little space to talk, this design is a wonderful option, since it does not consume floor space. You can place your dresser just below and you will not feel upset when using any of the furniture.

Door mounted mirrored jewelry armoire

This guy has hooks that go through the door. Like the wall-mounted armoire, the door-mounted armoire comes in an excellent space-saving design and is useful in small rooms. Use the mirror to get ready and open it to store or make jewelry. It is as simple as that and yet it is a very effective jewelry organizer.

Which is the best mirrored jewelry armoire for you?

The designs of jewelry armoires with mirrors vary. As with many other furniture, it is advisable to choose your best locking jewelry armoire according to your needs. This means understanding your needs first before trying to buy one. A armoire that works for your neighbor may not be right for you. Here is how to choose:

  1. Let your needs guide you. Do you have many long necklaces? Or do your jewelry include earrings and rings? Do you have a lot of valuable design pieces? You may have many watches, scarves or ties.

Each of these types of jewelry requires different storage spaces. For long necklaces, you will need a lot of open space where hooks do not interfere, like a long armoire. If you have many rings and earrings, choose a armoire with many rings and earring brackets or at least enough space to hook them. Valuable jewelry requires lockable drawers where unauthorized persons cannot access them. The forties and scarves, a bar or rail provides enough space to hang them. They can also be folded and stored in drawers.

Apply the same analysis to all other jewelry you own. Think about where the jewelry should be stored and then go and buy a armoire that offers this type of storage.

  1. Make sure the armoire is the correct size. If you have a lot of jewelry, choose a armoire with a full length mirror. If you are not looking for such a large size, there are many smaller jewelry armoires that will serve you well.
  2. Verify the quality of the coating. Although many manufacturers maintain the quality of the coating high, it is worth confirming it before buying it. In general, a good lining is soft enough to prevent scratches, provides excellent cushioning for jewelry and is non-slip. Good material options for coating include velvet and rayon.
  3. If you have jewelry that you consider too valuable to lose, get one with a lockable drawer where these jewelry can go. Some models are completely lockable so that all your jewels remain safely locked at all times.

A mirror jewelry armoire keeps your jewelry well organized and protected while adding style to the room. Choose one to enjoy a premium storage space for all types of jewelry and get an elegant mirror or your grooming purposes.

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